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September 1, 2014

I was looking for our listing of Facial Expressions on the web, and I found this unexpected paper in the Google search:

Innovations in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

 edited by Tarek Sobh, Khaled Elleith

But to get back to Facial Expression Face Glyphs -

You need photos or drawings of the Facial Expressions in SignWriting? We have listings of the symbols, but no photographs except for Stefan Woehrmann’s photos connected to his SpeechWriting and LipWriting…will you be transcribing mouthing words in your software?

If so, you can find a lot of the photos related to the mouth through Stefan’s web site:

scroll down and look to the right on the screen:

Another avenue is the Avatar programming done by the Parkhursts. Go to their textbook:

Cross Linguistic Guide to SignWriting

and go to page 115 - you will see an Avatar doing Eyebrows (see attached)

and see pages 131-136 - these are wonderful. I think the Avatar gives us hope that we could have a complete listing of related pictures for all of the Facial Expressions. To date, the human face varies so much that we have not been able to capture all the facial expressions in photos, but the Avatar is more pronounced…as you can see...



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