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September 1st, 2014

Hello everyone!
There are so many great projects. I truly appreciate everyone’s energy and enthusiasm.

I never took any time off after the Symposium. In fact the weeks directly after the Symposium were more stressful for me...

So I need a break. I am going to try to take a week off if I can…I work out of my home, and I take care of my parents in our home, so I cannot leave, but at least I can rest -

There are so many new projects, I am concerned that you will think that I have forgotten you - Not at all - I hope others will jump in and give you the support you need.

Here are some developments...

1. Claudia - Your presentation is captioned! Many thanks to Nancy Romero for the transcript, and to Adam Frost for the captioning. You can view your presentation captioned here:

Presentation 1


2. Most of the Slide presentations at our Symposium are now uploaded onto our SlideShare account. I still need to upload a few more, but you might enjoy visiting our SlideShare account:

SignWriting for Sign Languages on SlideShare

This provides your slides with a viewer on your Presentation web pages, and later we can use SlideShare as a part of the next Symposium.


3. Yair - I hope to give you more feedback when I return next week - I worked for a decade on Keyboard designs - 17 country keyboards for fingerspelling and for the spoken language alphabets of each country which I manually prepared…each fingerspelling keyboard is exact on these web pages, relating to the way the keyboards work in each country…in SignWriter DOS...

Go here to see the mappings:

there are lots more pages because there were lots more countries…

Maybe you could download DOSBox and install SignWriter DOS inside DOSBox and start typing with it to see how we did things -

One thing you will need is a way to finish the writing of a sign with your new typing device…in SignWriter DOS we use the Space Bar to move on to the next sign - Does your typewriter use the Space Bar to move to the next sign vertically? the program needs to make it clear when a sign is done, because otherwise it can become like a run-on sentence with an unending very long sign -

And fingerspelling is typed down when we write vertically - I am sure you know this already ….

And last, did you know that we have Fingerspelling TrueType fonts by Michael Everson? They are really good:

Download TrueType Fingerspelling Fonts

but they only type left to right and they are not FSW…

and then Steve has given us the Fingerspeller feature in SignPuddle now… which is FSW ;-)


4. Maria and Fabrizio - regarding your software that will transcribe sign language videos into SignWriting… It will be very valuable for the world. Although it is good that you know in advance the issues surrounding Receptive and Expressive, on the other hand, I hope that will not deter you, because if you really could get a program to write even the very basics of just hands and movements - that alone will be a useful tool…and could possibly cut the video transcription time in half for transcribers…so please go ahead with the Receptive if need be, because that is only practical for automatic transcription I would assume...

Have a great week everyone - many blessings -

Val ;-)


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