Hello Yair,
     Nice work with your new keyboard-based SignWriting input method.  
At first I didn't like the fact that you have positioning, plane change 
and rotation twice (one for each symbol being edited) I am not used to 
editing two symbols simultaneously, that's just too much for me.  So I 
end up editing one, then editing the other.  So I thing you could have 
only on set of these.  I like the way we can choose how many fingers are 
showing.  Once you get the grasp of it (it is hard at first), it is 
really cool.

     I'm not much for rotating one rotation at a time.  I like how it is 
shown in the basic instruction books.  That's were I got the idea for 
the hand choosers in SignWriter Studio.  But it only works well for the 
hands and some arrows.

     I noticed a design flaw that we all do when we try to show the hand 
symbols right hand and left hand.  There are three hand facings in the 
font. palm side, thumb edge of hand, back of hand.  When doing right 
hand, left hand symbol choosers, you need to include the baby finger 
side of hand.  The baby finger side of hand are the same symbols as the 
other hand's thumb edge of hand.  So basically you need to add one more 
palm facing to your program and the logic to show the right ones, 
because the code will be like the opposite hand's thumb edge of hand.

You know you have it's right when you can write a sign like this using 
the right and left hands selectors.  The flat hand is a left and the 
other is the right hand.

cash, budget

     I also noticed that the SWIFT program has the same limitation.

     So far I have read through your annexes and am working on reading 
your dissertation.  I hand it quite interesting so far.  I spent some 
time analysing the hand shapes when I wrote SignWriter Studio but wasn't 
able to look so it depth at  the movement symbols and other symbols as 
you did.  I might have a few suggestions for you if you are interested.

Claudia, Maria, Fabrizio,
     Do you plan on upgrading SWIFT to use ISWA2010 or develop all the 
glyphs for ISWABiachini any time soon?  Or are you wanting to explore 
more the OGR and the video transcription now?
     Is ISWABianchini still open for additions?  I was wondering if it 
would be possible to add the baby finger edge of hand to it? What do you 

     Also I was thinking that when we make the glyphs for ISWABianchini, 
that no two symbols look exactly alike.  Now sometimes we can only tell 
the thumb edge of hand from baby finger edge of hand by it's context in 
the sign. (and also wether it's a right hand of left hand)  This makes 
some software automation more difficult, like going from a receptive 
view to an expressive view. Also some symbols that don't have a specific 
finger showing, it's hard to know which hand it is without the context 
of the sign.  Then the is the fist that we can't even tell what the 
rotation is in the wall plane ( in the floor plane, the knuckle line 
shows so it is clear, still have the right hand, left hand issue though).


On 8/31/2014 11:23 PM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
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> August 31, 2014
>>> On Aug 31, 2014, at 7:24 PM, Yair Rand <[log in to unmask] 
>>> <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
>>>> Finally, I'd like to unveil my new keyboard-based SignWriting input 
>>>> method, available here 
>>>> <>. 
>>>> (I'm hosting it at Google Drive until I can figure out a better 
>>>> location.) It's written in javascript and should work in all major 
>>>> browsers. The script is still a work-in-progress, and doesn't have 
>>>> all of the symbols yet. Many of the symbols are not in the best 
>>>> locations (partly because I don't understand what all of the 
>>>> symbols mean), and there's probably going to be a lot of bugs in 
>>>> the current version. Please take a look, test it out, and give lots 
>>>> of feedback. Happy typing. :)
> ----------
> Hello Yair!
> There is so much to talk about in your message, but I just had to jump 
> to the section in your message about your new development…a way to 
> type SignWriting with a keyboard design… Thank you for taking this new 
> idea upon your shoulders. Maybe we can host it on 
> <>, or <>? Would 
> that be feasible? Or maybe it really belongs on Wikimedia in the 
> future… But we will be happy to host it if that is good for you...
> As you know years ago we developed a way to type in SignWriter DOS, 
> and I noticed you plan to have a Fingerspelling mode, just as we have 
> in SignWriter DOS. I can give you the Fingerspelling mappings for 
> around 17 sign languages, which you will need sooner or later…
> May I show you our symbol design from the SignWriter DOS keyboard, so 
> you can see what all the symbols mean? I believe that will help, even 
> if you do not use our design, you can at least learn from it…
> But take a look at this new way of tying SignWriting, everyone - I 
> think this has potential -
> Yair Rand SignWriting Keyboard
> Val ;-)
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