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I'm impressed!  That must have taken a lot of creative processing.

Hi Bill,

Yes, the conversions are interesting. Each part of the process takes time to set up and time to run.  Some processes take a few minutes.  Others take hours.

I just created my first TrueType Font this afternoon.  I am able to load all of the SVG Files and apply all of the OpenType features to the glyph set.  The FontForge python scripting takes a few minutes to run and produces a TTF file that I can install on my computer.  I've successfully created and installed over a dozen TrueType fonts.

When I open the SignWriting Font Test page, I see my symbol image on the right under the Unicode 8 section.

The left image is from an SVG Server.  The middle image is from Eduardo's font.  The right image is from my font with Unicode 8 characters.  It works in FireFox, but not Chrome.

I'm not done yet.  I have several issues with the SVG data I created and the OpenType features I defined.  I need to recreate all of the data and fine tune the import process. 

As an example, the arrows had issues that I will be able to address.  The middle arrow is from Eduardo's font.  Initially, my image looked the same.  I was able to use a different SVG set and produce the 1-color symbol image on the right.  There are several issues like this throughout the set that I will be able to correct.

By next week, I'm hoping to have a series of 1-color fonts for the SignWriting symbols.  It should work for Unicode 8, Unicode PUA, and Formal SignWriting.  The font file is currently named "iswa2010.ttf" and it is 4.5 MB large.

After I have the 1-color fonts completed, I will need to package the 2-color fonts.



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