It has been about a week since Val sent a message about the work that Yair has been doing. I wanted to let you know that I have been trying out Yair’s keyboard. I think I am getting used to it and kind of liking it. 

It takes getting some used to the idea that most of the keys are toggles, for lack of better term. So you build handshapes by first saying what are the active fingers, index, middle, ring, baby, thumb. Then you cycle through handshapes that have those fingers.

You should also realize that there are other criteria that will “reveal” more handshapes, as I just found out. So if there are bent fingers (like an X in ASL), then you will have to press the key that has a bent finger so that you can cycle through those handshapes.

This also occurs with facial expressions. You first must say you want something on the face, then you say if it is an eyebrow, eye, mouth, etc. Then you can get to the specific expression that you want.

I must say that Yair just told me something that I didn’t realize, but is only natural to assume. To start writing the next sign, just press the space bar. Go figure! Ha! So then I wondered what the delete key would do. It deletes the entire sign. Makes sense. :-)

So here is an image of the first sentence that I wrote. What do you think?



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