Hi, Valerie, Adam, Ingvild, Stefan and everyone,

In the SignPuddle have double and triple Symbol Touch (We don't talk about
Star Touch,
just Brush and Rub). To date we don't use triple...

 [image: Imagem inline 10][image: Imagem inline 11]

We are perceive that the *single *Brush Symbol is so complete as *double *
in the signs that have two or more movements. In our daily writing,
publications, and
our students has perceive that too.

>> Seems that use single Brush touch is too fine and clear as use just
single Rub Symbol
even in repetitive movements signs.

Yesterday I search the ASL Wikipedia articles and found it. In some cases,
the Brush symbol
was hidden. See:

[image: Imagem inline 3][image: Imagem inline 4][image: Imagem inline 2][image:
Imagem inline 5][image: Imagem inline 6]

Brush Touch Symbol hidden:
[image: Imagem inline 7][image: Imagem inline 1]

Examples of single Rub Symbol in repetitive movements signs in Libras.
We never use two Rub for this signs:
[image: Imagem inline 8]       [image: Imagem inline 9]

What do you thing about?


*Madson and Raquel Barreto *
*Libras Escrita*



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