Hi SignWriting List,

I've had great success creating TrueType fonts for the SignWriting 
symbols. The fonts are fully functional but not production ready. I need 
to clean up some of the images and adjust the typography settings. I've 
published the fonts I've created on Github.

The SignWriting 2010 Fonts project
Production and development TrueType fonts with source SVG files for 
written sign language in the SignWriting script based on the ISWA 2010.

I've also released the tools project that created the above TrueType 
fonts. I spent extra time crafting the build script so that it is 
customizable and informative. Each of the fonts above has an associated 
log file that details the font's creation.

The SignWriting 2010 Tools project
Tools for creating TrueType fonts for written sign language in the 
SignWriting script based on the ISWA 2010.

The image quality of the TrueType font is not as nice as the SVG, but 
the TrueType font can be installed on a computer or mobile device and 
save a tremendous amount of bandwidth. Pages that use the TrueType font 
will be 30 times smaller than pages that use the server side generated SVGs.

Initially, 2 fonts will need to be installed: "SignWriting 2010" and 
"SignWriting 2010 Filling". Each of these fonts is a single color, so 
together they can imitate the 2-color required for SignWriting. The main 
color font is 6 MB and the secondary color font is 3 MB.

Development continues...




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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