The new font looks very nice.
Andre Lemyre
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 12:55:39 -0500
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Subject: SignWriting 2010: TrueType fonts with SVG clarity
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    Hi List,


    I have several prototype TrueType fonts.  About 10% or more have
    moderate to severe quality issues.  With a 16-bit font of 37,811
    glyphs, that is a lot of cleanup to do manually.


    The first image is the SVG Refinement.  The second is the prototype
    TrueType Font.




    Rather than fixing thousands of symbols by hand, I created an
    automated solution by increasing the image size and retracing the
    SVG.  My new import has the proper shape and thickness for all


    The first image is the original PNG.   The second is the SVG
    Refinement.  The third is my new TrueType font.




    The automated process should take a few days.  I'm hoping my iMac
    can handle the processing demands.  I have everything configured,
    tested, and ready to automate.


    Step 1: Use Inkscape to convert the SVG Refinement graphics into PNG
    images at 10 times normal size.


    Step 2: Use pnttopnm and mkbitmap to reformat the images into
    different file types.


    Step 3: Use potrace to read the PBM files and recreate the SVG


    I need to create and package about a half a million files.  It
    should take me a few days to run the automated scripts.


    Last time I traced the ISWA 2010, my Linux computer had memory leaks
    and could only process a few thousand at a time before crashing.  I
    couldn't resolve the crashing issue, so I just kept restarting my
    computer.  This time, I hope my iMac is up to the job. 






Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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