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October 26, 2014

Hello everyone on the SignWriting List!

I have really missed being more in contact and working on SignWriting. Congratulations to Steve on the new fonts, and to everyone for their many projects. I received a very large package in the mail from Malta…It is the printed copy of Maria Galea’s dissertation…Congratulations Maria!! And thank you to Dr. Marie Alexander of the University of Malta for sending me the book and continuing to use SignWriting to record Maltese Sign Language.

And thank you also André Lemyre, for the work you have done that needs to be posted…I have not forgotten...and thanks to all those who have given us transcripts for your presentations at the SignWriting Symposium…They will be used too.

I know we need to publish the SignWriting Symposium Proceedings and I hope to do that in November. I also need to post the last few books of the New Testament that are completed now in ASL, by Nancy Romero. The entire New Testament is written in ASL is already located in SignPuddle to read, but we also have PDF versions of those books that need to be posted.

New Testament in AS

And of course there are many more projects that need attention -

I hope to return to quarter-time work in November and maybe part-time work in January. I will keep you posted ;-)

My family is fine and we are learning to live with a “new normal”. We have longevity in our genetics, so no matter what happens, I am here for my family…and after that comes the SignWriting family - smile -

I am looking forward to reading more of your work - I hope you will continue to post your accomplishments and discussions to the SignWriting List -

Many blessings -

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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Valerie Sutton
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