Hi, Valerie, Adam, Ingvild, Stefan and everyone,

In the SignPuddle have double and triple Symbol Touch (We don't talk about Star Touch,
just Brush and Rub). To date we don't use triple...

 Imagem inline 10Imagem inline 11

We are perceive that the single Brush Symbol is so complete as double Brush
in the signs that have two or more movements. In our daily writing, publications, and
our students has perceive that too.

>> Seems that use single Brush touch is too fine and clear as use just single Rub Symbol
even in repetitive movements signs.

Yesterday I search the ASL Wikipedia articles and found it. In some cases, the Brush symbol
was hidden. See:

Imagem inline 3Imagem inline 4Imagem inline 2Imagem inline 5Imagem inline 6

Brush Touch Symbol hidden:
Imagem inline 7Imagem inline 1

Examples of single Rub Symbol in repetitive movements signs in Libras.
We never use two Rub for this signs:
Imagem inline 8       Imagem inline 9

What do you thing about?


Madson and Raquel Barreto 
Libras Escrita


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