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I am  busy to transcribe some documents for my class ...looking for support and ideas I found this mail from Cecelia ... some time ago she sent this message to the list –






Charles answered to the Star Spangled Banner question ... J


From:  Cecelia Smith

Date:  Thu Jul 5, 2001  8:22 am
Subject:  Re: Star Spangled Banner - thought you might like this - add it to the poetry...

ohhhh, Charles!!!  That was so awesome!   Thank you VERY MUCH!    

I will use that in my class this fall as well as other sign writing material.
 One thing I have found is that using something people are familiar with to
begin with also helps them  understand the new concepts along side the
familiar ones.

I was wondering.. does any one out there have the 23rd psalm transcribed?

The lord is my shepard...   etc.

Cecelia Smith




Hm does any one of the SW-list –Members know about this?

Is there any 23rd psalm transcription online?







PS Hi Valerie thanks to you wonderfull website it is so easy to look up all these messages fom past years ... so many memories show up .. thanks for that!



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