On 10/8/14, 9:05 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
Hi Stefan,

Next week I should have a solid initial release.

For now, here is the link to an example font with the imperfect symbol 

> On the other hand -- I do not understand what is the outcome in the 
> end if you have finished your project. You know that I desigened and 
> created lots and lots and lots of SignWriting TT-Font signs that had 
> been very usefull for a nice looking printout without any stairs...

People will download and install a 9 MB font.  This font can be used for 
printing.  The font will only supports the symbols, so something else 
will be needed to create the sign images.  I believe we can still use 
SVG for completed signs, but it will be constructed locally on a 
person's computer rather than accessed from a server. The pages will be 
30 times smaller.  Only one network request will be used rather than 
hundreds of requests at a time.  It means that we can unplug SignWriting 
from the Internet and use it without a reliable network connection.  It 
means a downloadable version of the new SignText editor in the near future.

> From what I understand -- this kind of TT-Font you ar working on 
> cannot simply be installed as a new font in the font-folder of my 
> computer. I even cannot open such a Font with Fontlab -- the program 
> that allows to create or to redesign TT-Fonts.

The new fonts I'm creating are different than Eduardo's fonts.  He was 
able to handle the 2-dimensional nature of the signs, while I'm only 
concentrating on the symbols.

The new fonts are standard TrueType outlines with OpenType features that 
work in all of the major browsers and in many applications.  I am not 
using Graphite.

I am using FontForge to create the TrueType fonts.  I hope the new fonts 
load into Fontlab.  If it has a problem loading, can you send me the 
error?  Are you using an old version of Fontlab?  Newer versions support 
16-bit fonts.

> Would it be possible for you to explain to the non-software-experts on 
> the sw-list -- like me -- what will be the difference in our daily 
> work with delegs or SignPuddle if you have installed your new TT-Font?

* Snappier interface
* Less network traffic
* No internet connection required for sign images

>  It should be a smooth and nice looking design/graphic as well on teh 
> screen as well as on printouts at any seize. ???  Would love to 
> understand that. Do we have to install anything on our computer at 
> home or is everything already arranged somewhere on your server? Can 
> you show a demo of a short sequence - ??

The TrueType outlines should be near design perfect on the screen as 
well as for print outs.  The new glyphs will have no stair-casing for 
diagonal lines and the new glyphs will have accurate shapes and line 

To try out the example font,
1) Download the TTF file
2) Install the TTF file
3) View a demo page.

For now, here is the link to an example font with the imperfect symbol 

Symbol Key demo:

Example without font installed.

Example with font installed.

Unicode 8 demo:

Example without font installed.

Example with font installed.

Thanks for your interest Stefan.  I hope my explanation helped.




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