Hey Valerie, Madson, Stefan and everyone else :)
Thank you for your interest :)
I am sorry, I didn´t attach the full reference and even more I am sorry, there is no post on the University site.
Moreover the final thesis is in german except of this interview with Valerie. I can email to everyone interested.
The full refrence is:
Trumpold, Susanne: Auf den Spuren einer Alltagsschrift der Gebärdensprache: Beitrag zur Verbreitung von SignWriting -
Vergleich Deutschland-USA. Unpublished BA-Thesis. Potsdam 2013
Translated in English the title means something like:
On the footsteps of an Writing of Sign Language for everyday use - contribution to the dissemination of SignWriting -
A comparison between Germany and the USA
Stefan, do you think the translation is right?
Hope, that helps!?
I wish you a very nice day!
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November 10. 2014
Hello Madson!
Thank you for this message. How did your SignWriting workshops go this weekend? I was thinking of you and Raquel and all the teachers and students -
Regarding Susanne’s BA thesis - I looked and did not find any references - I would like to have them too - so I hope Susanne can write to us - 
Susanne, is there a site where we can read the final thesis? Perhaps posted on your University site?
Hope you are doing well and thank you for this interview, which is attached -
Val ;-)
On Nov 10, 2014, at 6:50 AM, Madson Barreto <[log in to unmask]" target="_parent">[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi, Susanne,
I just read your interview with Valerie. It's great!
Thank you for share with us!
There are many important informations, so I will use that.
But how can I refer to this interview of your BA-Thesis?
What is the full reference?
Very thanks,

Madson Barreto 
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Hey SignWriting List - members, Hey Valerie!
For my BA-Thesis I had an interview with Valerie Sutton about the dissemniation of SignWriting by Valerie and the Centre for Sutton Movement Writing with focus on developments within the United States!
We want to share the transcript with you now ... it is attached!
Have a nice day!
Susi from next to Berlin! :)


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