Hi Valerie and SW-friends around the world, 


I would like to ask for your precious time to discuss the following issue: 


Well Valerie it has happened a  long time ago that you invented your first
symbols that should represent the 5 – fingers hand , the fist or the claw
hand .... 


Diving into the art of TT-Font design years ago I looked very very carefully
at the design and especially at the proportions of head to flat-hand to
fist, to the lenght of a index finger  etc... ....I remember that we
discussed special concepts as the “thick line of the “I-hand”, the small
height of the B-hand compared to the flat hand etc.... and I learned a lot
from your lesson about the Rootshapes and Action Fingers...



From time to time there is a new episode here in Germany that someone who
gets in contact with SignWriting develops some ideas about how to improve
the visual concepts of the symbols that are to be found in the SymbolSet of
the actual SignPuddle – 


Well if it comes to brush up the design and to polish every single symbol so
that the lines are of equal width ... I do not have any problem with that.
Some of you are familiar with my TT-Font designs on my greeting cards ..and
... materials ..for my classroom   


Attached you find an example of artwork for my Mathematics Education (1 time
7) –smile 


. I am not talking about this kind of design. 



I am interested in your feedback. Are there other experienced
SignWriting-scribes and readers among you who look at the design of the hand
symbols as they are used now and who would whish to change that in order to
achieve a more visual / more naturalistic looking symbol compared to a drawn


Does anybody believe that part of the reason why it takes time to
encourage/convince more teachers of deaf students and more deaf signlanguage
instructors to use SignWriting within their classes is connected to the
design of the actual used series of symbols?  So in the end a more
naturalistic looking symbolset would attract more deaf signlanguage


Well I remember my printouts of the SignWriter DOS programm at large seize
1999... compared to the TT-font that are possible today with SignPuddle and
the delegs Editor if you expand the Pdf –document what an amazing


Does it happen in your  country as well that new designers show up and
present new sets of symbol-designs that might hurt rules and conventions we
agree upon for years? Would it make sense to present two different designs
of a given hand to people who are not familiar with SignWriting and ask for
their preference?


I would appreciate very much if many of you and especially of the SignPuddle
dictionary editors could give – even short – comments on this topic. 


If you are interested I would be able to present some of these “new designed
symbols” so that we could discuss the pros and cons in the context of
special examples ... 



Take care and good luck with all your different projects


All best 





Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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