Hi, Steve and everyone,

how can I convert automatic the FSW code to ASCII for use the glyphogram link?

Ex: http://swis.wmflabs.org/glyphogram.php?font=svg&text=D105x571_M51x37S14c2016x22S2710619x60S30a00n18xn17S33e10n7x7_M51x201S10c42n9xn18S20500n13x7_M51x282S30004n18xn17S10010n14x13S206005x19_M51x438S20320n8xn67S1f720n13xn40S10e20n8xn15S19220n7x25S17620n8x52_B51x536S38800n36xn4

I already seach in the web, SignPuddle and SignWriting documents but don't find
an way to solve that.

Do you have a conversor like "put FSW return ASCII"
or a standart url function for paste the FSW text and convert to ASCII
or a short way for it?

If we have a online conversor we can accelerate many process.

Best regards,

Madson Barreto 


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