I have been wanting to test this out, but have been doing several things and it slipped my mind. Thank you, Val, for reminding me. ;-)

I just tried it out. I like the fact that the keyboard labels are there in gray. It helps me touch type better since I don’t know the layout very well yet. 

The Shift+NextSymbol and Shift+MiddleLane tricks were great to know because that really helps with the signs that have duplicate handshapes. Saves time from having to “construct” the handshape with both hands.

You said that Holding shift will also move and rotate symbols faster. I notice that will also reverse the fill order. 

About the English text labeling help, I like what Steve has done with SignText for a lot of those that you asked for. Below are some ideas (for ASL at least).

* "Left lane”
* "Middle lane”

* "Right lane”

* "Next symbol" (or perhaps just "Next", if it won't fit otherwise)

* "Delete lefthand symbol" and "Delete righthand symbol" (or perhaps just "Delete symbol" or just "Delete”)
* "Duplicate symbol" (or "Duplicate”)
but it might be too big, so I tried a shorter version
but it also might still be too much, so I create an abstract version

* "Fingerspelling mode" (or "Fingerspelling”)

* “Autocomplete”

I’m not sure how to do that one yet.

* Something like "Swap sides", indicating that the left and right hands are switched. (I don't even know what to label that in English yet…)
I took this from SignText. It is called Mirror symbol
* "Toggle plaintext”

I’m not sure how to do this one either. I hope these help.

I know that it is confusing for some beginners how to get the handshapes that they want. I was wondering if maybe adding some color to help them realize that the function of the keys. For example, you start with 5 keys that are to construct the active fingers of the handshape. Maybe by graying out the base symbol, it might help people see that they are selecting active fingers. It may be possible that only the top layer would be the ones that need this. Below is what I had in mind. It may be possible that only the top layer would be the ones that need this so that people can catch onto the idea that they are constructing the handshapes by adding those fingers.


A similar thing could be useful for rotation by adding a curved arrow above the symbol to point to the direction of the rotation. The reason it is confusing is because there are times when the rotating symbols both look the same, especially with the square.



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