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May 16, 2015

Hello SignWriting List members -
We have 8 presentations at the SignWriting Symposium 2015, which is a good number!

If anyone else would like to present, you are still welcome to give us the titles of your presentations.

I received this question yesterday from one of the new presenters:

> On May 15, 2015, at 9:16 PM….
> Hi, Val,
> So how does this work?  I am preparing a powerpoint presentation.  I hour or so.  How does all this happen logistically? I get a time slot?  I send you a flash drive?  I have to link into a symposium by computer?  Who -- me???
> I am kinda figuring on lecturing with the powerpoint as a back-drop.  That gonna work?

Good questions! ;-)


1. Write your one-page Abstract summarizing your presentation, and prepare your PowerPoints, videos and written papers and send them to me whenever they are ready. I will prepare a DropBox private account for each presenter, so you have an easy way to send me your large files. I will send you your DropBox link soon...

2. We will schedule your online presentation on one of these days: July 21, 22, 23 or 24, 2015. What day do you want to present? Tell me. We will confirm a date and time together.

3. How does the live presentation work?

You need a computer, or a tablet, and an internet connection. We will send you a link through email. You click on the link and that takes you to Google Hangouts, which is like a live TV studio on your computer, and I will welcome you and then you start presenting. You will have from 30 to 45 minutes. Your presentation will be live streamed on YouTube and video-recorded which can be viewed anytime later on the SignWriting YouTube account, or on our web site…Last year we were able to show slides and videos during the live presentation. No matter what, your slides and videos and written materials will be posted on your Presentation Web Page for people to view any time…I will tell you more information about the live presentation later when I know more.

4. If you do not want to present live, that is ok too. You will still have a web page that posts your abstract and documents no matter what.

Below is more detailed information:


1. One-Page Abstract deadline: June 8, 2015

2. Write an abstract that describes your presentation in one page or less.

3. At the top of your abstract, please state:

a. TITLE of presentation
c. AFFILIATIONS of authors (if no affiliations, leave blank)
d. CONTACT INFO (email, web, affiliation address, country)
e. LANGUAGES used in presentation, both sign and spoken languages (can be presented in multiple languages)
f. STATE A CATEGORY that best fits your submission:

• SignWriting in Education
• SignWriting in Literature
• SignWriting in Software
• SignWriting in Research

4. Send your Abstract to both these email addresses:

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1. Presentations deadline: July 6, 2015

2. Your presentation can be ANY length you choose, just as long as it is about SignWriting.

3. There are three Presentation Venues: written papers, slide presentations and video presentations.

4. Software demonstrations through download links can also accompany any of the above three venues.

5. You can present in one, two or all of the above venues.



 I create a web page for your presentation, and I place your Abstract on that web page, and any PowerPoints or Videos you give us. Here are examples of 2014 presentations:

Presentations 2014:


So start by sending me the Abstract for your presentation any time and I can start preparing the web page for your presentation -

Val ;-)



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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