Hi Valerie and everyone, ... for some reason my emails I send to the sw-list show up here but do not show up in my own email acount idea...  . I will try to run  a few experiments on that with different settings ... please do not feel disturbed. Just igore these tests and delete the messages that say “email test” ...


Regarding your answer...


..well for some reason I feel uncomfortable with the way this topic about how to create SW-documents is discussed.


I get the feeling as if there is a good and not so good method.


The good method would be to write from scratch every new sign just as if we are creating entries for the SinPuddle –Dictionary. Well in this case we definitely have to look for all the symbols and have to arange them in a way tht we feel what  seems to be a good spelling. We are always in the dilemma to decide how much is neccessary and what is too much in order to allow the reader a very fast and fluent reading without guessing or even not knowing...


The “not so good” method would be to use this workaround ...type the words of a spoken language and ask for the given entries in the dictionary ... Just the way we write our documents with this wonderfulö delegs Programm (Translation from Searchword- line to SignWriting-line)


Well I do not agree. From my point of view I can say that there is no way to memorize all the 24000 signs that are already stored in the German SignPuddle. Well most of them are written by me myself but nevertheless I would not want to write any single sign from scratch if this translation option would work. It is tremendously quicker compared to writing every sign from scratch with any keypboard or mouse in the world.


And that is definitely  big point. As the teacher of my deaf students I have to write every day, day by day lots and lots of pages. I could not believe how it would be if there wasn´t the dictionary in the background. ...


So from my point of view it is the outcome that counts. If people feel comfortable with the relationship on how long they are working on a document and how many signs this document will include ..fine.


Since I wrote thousands of entries in the last 15 years it is not a matter of practice it seems much mor a matter of what I expect to achieve in a given time.


Now if it comes to the “Rand-Keyboard” ... I have to disappoint you. I am far away of being able to write my signs fast. Of course practice matters and it is so much fun to understand step by step the philosophy that is behind the arangement of the symbols but it is such an intriguing alternativ to copy FSW data from Signmaker 2015 or from Signpuddle into the blank field of the “Rand-Keyboad” that I would not want to miss this option.


Perhaps we can agree that is is of great advantage if people are able to create SignWriting documents. It is also helpfull if these people are able to master the “Rand-Keyboard” in case there are minor changes to arrange. On the other end as long as we get new and more documents written in SignWriting I do not care which method has been used by the author.


How long would it take an extremely experienced “Rand-Keyboard” typist to write the following document with the “Rand-Keyboard” ...and if you compare this to what is needed if you copy the FSW – code from a different soure ... wow ...



M554x517S30007497x482S15a11531x481S26600536x449S31400497x482S34800497x482S34c00467x482S31400467x482 M538x634S10e20498x544S15a06487x531S37b06483x632S23c04514x590S23c30505x579S37b06502x632S37b06522x632S31400482x482S34000482x482 S38700463x496 M539x517S30007482x482S15a11516x481S26500518x461S31400482x482S33f00482x482 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 S38700463x496 M539x517S30007482x482S15a11516x481S26500518x461S31400482x482S33f00482x482 M562x576S36d00474x524S20301462x536S22501449x536S22505458x524S37806485x574S34a00438x483S34700497x482S33b00526x482S35d00469x483S31430445x496S31430476x497S31430505x496S31430535x496 S38700463x496 M523x558S20500513x543S18011487x528S31400482x482S33f10490x502S18019489x538 M555x536S34000482x482S10001509x506S10009468x506S21100522x497S21100465x497S28807535x500S2881f445x497S30a00482x482 M548x569S34800467x483S31430474x494S10042446x554S10047518x537S2d708473x535S35d04497x483S31430505x495 M566x562S35d00439x482S35d04469x482S34c00497x482S34800525x482S11e01541x532 M593x566S2f900553x555S26606520x549S1ce20571x536S35d00452x488S35c00511x488S34400481x488S1ce10497x533S30a30458x493S30a30488x492S30a30518x493S30140511x476 M546x601S1ea28478x580S1ea20502x580S1ea0e501x540S1ea06479x540S20500497x567S35d00453x482S34800481x482S20500496x527S33b00510x482S2df00523x560S2df18457x561 S38800464x496 M521x565S36d00479x523S31400480x482S33f00480x482S10001487x535S10009463x535S21100433x529S28814421x541S2880c444x542 M524x595S16d0c507x553S15d0a479x551S20800497x544S31400482x482S34000482x482S23624485x578S2f900496x537 S38800464x496 M550x563S30a00482x482S14c20527x502S27102510x523S36100482x482 M579x555S30007482x482S20310520x480S14c20556x464S2df00532x459S37a06491x553S37a06523x553



(Can you read it? – smile )


Take care














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SignWriting List

July 31, 2015


Hello Stefan and everyone!


I know you said “please ignore” but I didn’t and I read your message!


Yes, this message definitely made it to the SignWriting List and I love seeing written signs on the List…


Now with the new Rand-Keyboard for SignWriting, there is a chance that we will be typing email messages directly in the SignWriting script in a variety of email programs …I hope that will happen soon ;-)


Val ;-)





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It is just to check my email account on the sw-list.






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