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June 30, 2015

SignWriting Symposium 2015

12 presentations from 8 countries: 
Brazil, Canada, Germany, Nicaragua, Portugual, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, USA

Broadcasting 3 presentations a day, for 4 days.


Day 1: July 21

Session 1: CANADA: Yair Rand
SOFTWARE: “The Javascript-based SignWriting Keyboard for Use on Wikimedia and throughout the Web”

Session 2: SAUDI ARABIA: Mohamed AbuShaira & Abd elraroof Mahfooz
EDUCATION: “Teacher’s Attitudes About SignWriting

Session 3: USA: Stephen E. Slevinski, Jr.
SOFTWARE: "The SignWriting Stack 2015"


Day 2: July 22

Session 1: GERMANY: Stefan Woehrmann
EDUCATION: “DELEGS Editor: A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial. Learn To Create SignWriting Documents in Multiple Formats."

Session 2: CANADA: André Lemyre
EDUCATION: “SignWriting Electronic Flashcards for Different Sign Languages”

Session 3: BRAZIL: Marcos Kluber Kogut
RESEARCH: ”A interpretação de descrições imagéticas na leitura de um texto em SignWriting.
(The interpretation of the imagetic descriptions while reading a text in SignWriting)”


Day 3: July 23

Session 1: PORTUGAL: Rafaela Cota de Silva
EDUCATION: “Signing to write: SignWriting in classroom”

Session 2: BRAZIL: Ronnie Fagundes de Brito, Messias Ramos Costa, Milton Shintaku, Sandra Patricia Nascimento
SOFTWARE: “SignWriting Interface for a Journal System"

Session 3: USA: Stephen E. Slevinski, Jr.
SOFTWARE: "The Use and Structure of SignMaker 2015"


Day 4: July 24

Session 1: NICARAGUA & USA: James Shepard-Kegl
EDUCATION: “What three little pigs and a hungry wolf can teach us about sign language grammar”

Session 2: GERMANY: Paul Rutrecht, Joachim Nitschke, Janina Lentfohr
SOFTWARE: “Signtype: Designing a SignWriting Font – Ideas and Challenges"

Session 3: TUNISIA: Mohamed Ali Khenissi & Yosra Bouzid
SOFTWARE: “MemoSign Game: Match Game For Deaf Learners"




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