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The SignMaker “My Local Dictionary” button, creates your own private dictionary and it no longer accesses the new signs placed in SignPuddle -

Is that correct Steve?

Yes Val.  Once you create a My Local Dictionary, that dictionary will stay the same unless you change an entry with the editor.

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you are doing a great job. Of course I cannot understand anything about the background of programming ... but obviously that is not necessary in order to work with you wonderfull software.

Hi Stefan,

I love the way you craft SignWriting to create these amazing artifacts. 

For your presentation, I am so happy to hear how well Delegs is doing.  It is an excellent tools for a teacher to write a lesson or for a student to use in the classroom.  Amazing potential for today and tomorrow.

Your students were fun to watch.  Thanks for showing and voicing the video.

Regarding my presentations, I know a lot of my information is not necessary for the end user.  They just want searching to work, rather than understand how it was done.  I hope I was able to visually show searching in an accessible manner through SignMaker.  This same type of searching could be available in Delegs if they are using FSW directly.

The future is certainly bright.



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