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Hi Adam,
Val will email me the PowerPoints.  I will read a part of Yair Rand's PowerPoint.
Best regards,


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July 27, 2015

Hello André -

Most of the presentations at the SignWriting Symposium have PowerPoints. I plan to send all the PowerPoints to you and the SW List.

But Yair Rand did not have a PowerPoint. He presented his work during his LIVE presentation, which is now a video.

I am sorry about this. Can you see a video? If not, when it comes to Yair Rand’s SignWriting Keyboard, we will need to give you written documents…

Below is the link to view the video if you can:

Watch Video for Presentation 41:

“The Javascript-based SignWriting Keyboard for Use on Wikimedia
and throughout the Web” by Yair Rand, CANADA


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