Hi SW List,

I'm pleased to announce an early developer release of the new SignWriting Server.  The SignWriting Server provides online resources for SignWriting applications and users. The server accepts HTTP requests and responds with SVG or JSON data.

The SignWriting Server currently supports SVG images and query string transformations.
* http://signbank.org/swserver/svg/S10000
* http://signbank.org/swserver/svg/font/S20500
* http://signbank.org/swserver/svg/M548x514S11010509x487S11018477x487S2df1e453x489S2df06528x489
* http://signbank.org/swserver/svg/M548x514S11010509x487S11018477x487S2df1e453x489S2df06528x489-CP10G_lightblue_D_x,lightblue_Zx
* http://signbank.org/swserver/regex/Q
* http://signbank.org/swserver/regex/s/M548x514S11010509x487S11018477x487S2df1e453x489S2df06528x489

The next version will allow for searching the SignPuddle Online data.  Future versions will allow for updating the SignPuddle Online data through the SignWriting Server API.

The purpose of the SignWriting Server is to provide developers an easy way to interact with SignPuddle Online data.  They will be able to create websites and apps that can leverage our existing data from a centralized location.

I've added some great documentation as part of the project that includes a concise guide and extensive examples.  You can visit the SignWriting Server on SignBank or on Wikimedia Labs.
* http://signbank.org/swserver
* http://swserver.wmflabs.org





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