My name is Charles Butler and I am now enrolled at Howard University School of Divinity and am taking a certification course in teaching at the college level. Part of the class is to pick a project one is passionate about and propose a study for diversity in the classroom.

I am looking for academic projects finished or underway that:

1) Use SignWriting as part of the curriculum in teaching the sign language of any country.
2) Use SignWriting as part of the curriculum for teaching users of sign language the spoken language and writing system of the spoken language.

I am looking to try to set up a pilot project for use of SignWriting in learning ASL without the use of the English spoken language as a fall back for hearing speakers. Target questions:

1) Does SignWriting increase the rapidity of learning a sign language through note taking?
2) Can SignWriting be used as the preferred transcription between spoken English and a pidgin gloss to capture and teach grammar and vocabulary, similar to how one would write both French and English to compare the languages side by side.

Users of SignWriting would answer both questions affirmatively, but I'd like to set up an actual learning project to compare learning a basic vocabulary with and without the use of SignWriting in the classroom. 

During this semester, I may only get as far as designing the project, not executing it, but anyone who has been involved in education certification realizes that methodology is a large part of research, setting up the method helps others who come later.
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