Hi Val and SignWriting List,

Here is my report for Friday, September 7th, 2018.  I usually send my Friday updates to Val privately, but I thought I would share for the remainder of 2018.  This is report 1 of 17.

I had another good week with SignPuddle 3 development.  I spent some time working on the front-end layout.
It's coming along nicely.  I am using CSS grids and flexbox.

I was able to improve the button design with CSS flexbox.  The buttons now look great in all of the browsers.

This week, I was also working on my build tools for the server side.  From my source files, several different types of developer API documentation are created using python scripts.  I have plain-text API Blueprint, I have JSON data that is easy to parse, I have static HTML documentation, and I have live API calls from HTML pages.  Developers can use these tools to access the SignPuddle 3 data and features.

I am currently working on milestone 1: Searching for SignWriting in Unicode (SWU) with the SignPuddle 3 databases.  I need to integrate regular expression searching with UTF-32 using an SQLite database.  Technical work that needs to be done.  I almost have everything ready for a trail run.  I should have this done early next week.

Next is the user interface and translation section.  While the developer documentation is primarily in English, the SignPuddle 3 user interface will be international, supporting multiple languages.  This effort should take a week or two.  I will be working on the translation front-end and the developer API.

Other than that, I was able to help a few people through email with software.  There has been a lot of renewed interest in the PocketPuddle and the PersonalPuddle.  I posted instructions for building a PersonalPuddle v2 on Windows in the Sutton SignWriting facebook group.  The software is showing it's age, but it offers possibilities not available anywhere else.

SignPuddle 3 will also have a PersonalPuddle counterpart.  I have an improved design that will be available when I post the first release of SignPuddle 3 later this year.  I'm really excited that the PersonalPuddle will be able to print dictionaries to PDF without an internet connection.  Next year, I hope to add literature to PDF printing.



PS - This report is 1 of 17 because there are 17 Fridays left in the year 2018.  I am committed to SignWriting development, but 2019 is uncertain.

Thanks to Valerie Sutton and the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, my development work has been fully funded for the past 14 years.  Unfortunately, there is a structural funding problem with the non-profit starting next year.  My development work for 2019 is only partly funded.

Rather than worry Valerie Sutton, I decided to start a Patreon campaign for 2019 and beyond.  I am currently 5% towards my 2019 goal.  I received two new patrons this week.  One person giving $10 a month, the other giving $1 a month.  I am very grateful to you both.

I enjoy working with SignWriting and hope to continue with development full-time.  If this is to happen, I need your support.  I know that many are not able to financially support my work and that is fine.  Our work is free to use and I'm here to help.  However, if you can afford even $1 a month, I would be happy to have you on the team.  Also, please consider sharing my information with other people, groups, and institutions.



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