Hi SignWriting list,

I've switched to monthly updates.

PocketPuddle Giveaway
Congratulations Alexandra Racek of Canada for Quebec Sign Language. You are this month's winner of the PocketPuddle drawing. 

If anyone wants their name added to the list, please let me know.

SignPuddle 3 Delay
SignPuddle 3 is close to a usable release, but it will take longer than anticipated.  Due to fundraising issues with the Center for Sutton Movement Writing and the slow start of my patreon page, I will no longer be able to work on SignPuddle 3 development full-time.  I will continue to administer the SignWriting websites and be available for communication. My apologies for the delay.

SignWriting Vision 2030
For the symposium this year, I will have one presentation. 

SignWriting Vision 2030: across the globe, a common script for all sign languages, a developmental powerhouse, connecting sign language disciplines with text.

Let us look to a future that is ambitious yet achievable.  Let our vision expresses our long-term goals and expectations.  Let it reflects our strengths and capabilities.

My presentation will cover the SignWriting Vision 2030 from my perspective.  I will outline the three programs I will be pursuing.  I am convinced that SignWriting is crucial for sign language disciplines.  I am convinced that by 2030, this will be the majority opinion.

I consider the SignWriting Vision 2030 to be our collective vision.  Over the next year, I'd like to further develop this idea to integrate and document our collective ideas.  While I can help with the digital foundation with the SignWriting standards of 2010, 2012, and 2017, my work is only as important as what you can do with it.  So feel free to share your thoughts with me, either in public discussion or private email.



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