Hi everyone,

I tried to post this on the Facebook group yesterday, but it wasn't really
working, so I'll try it again this way :)

I hope you're all well, it has been quite a while! About ten years ago I
used to do quite a bit of SignWriting for Dutch and British sign language.
The last few years I haven't really been focussed on using sign language /
SignWriting. However I am doing hoop dance (hula hoop) quite a bit and this
made me realise how similar the two are: hand shapes, hand positions,
movement paths, planes of movement... These are all very important in both
sign language and hoop dance. So I thought I'd give Sutton HoopWriting a

I've attached a pdf of a hoop sequence I wrote down using Signmaker. What
do you think about it? Can you read it? (I've stolen some punctuation
symbols to represent the hoop! And the movement arrows that symbolise the
movement of the hoop have a little circle added at the tail.)

I've also attached a video of me performing the sequence twice.

I actually found it quite hard to write the sequence down, but I think it
can be very useful. And it will hopefully get easier if I try a bit more!
Also I actually created the sequence by writing it down first, then
checking if it would work with the hoop.

I know SignWriting started as dance writing, but are there still people
today who use SignWriting to write down sports/dance movement?

Kind regards,
Suzanne Pach (from the Netherlands)



Valerie Sutton
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