Hi SignWriting List,

Someone asked me if SignPuddle 3 would support the data available from 
SignPuddle 2, specifically SignPuddle Markup Language (SPML). The answer 
is no, not yet.  It would require an import function and an export 
function.  Neither should be that difficult.

Internally, SignPuddle 3 uses either an SQLite database, JSON data, or a 
plain text file with <tab> separated values. Signs are written with 
SignWriting in Unicode (SWU) characters to store the data.

To fully support SPML, read in the data and write out XML with Formal 
SignWriting in ASCII (FSW) characters.

To get the ASL public dictionary, use can any of the following:


SignPuddle 3 comes with a vast collection of documentation.

The document is divided up into several groups.  Each group is available 
in self contained pages.  These pages are available in the group 
header.  Open the pages in a browser or download as needed.

In the dictionary group, the API Dictionary link goes to a live page 
that will actively communication with a SignPuddle 3 server.  By default 
it points to the server.

The Dictionary Data
To learn about the dictionary type, use the "API Dictionary" page. The 
page is interactive and makes live calls to the server when you push the 
GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE buttons.

This resource can be used to access the dictionary data.  It defaults to 
plain text, but it also takes an additional extension of ".txt", 
".json", or ".db".  I will add this to the documentation shortly.

So to get the ASL public dictionary, use any of the following:




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