On 10/29/20 3:18 AM, John Carlson wrote:
> I am thinking about the ability for an international 2D/3D shape, 
> graph and network repository.  I am doing this because I see a lack of 
> explicitly 3D shape and graph related AI and Deep Learning projects.  
> That is, labeling graphs, 3d shapes, creating new novel graphs and 
> shapes, etc.
> So my question is, has SW considered hosting your data (particularly 
> any animation) in JSON-LD format? What troubles have you faced?
Hi John,

We have not used JSON-LD for SignWriting.

We primarily focus on the 2D representation of sign language.

There are several SignWriting projects related to animation, but none of 
them used JSON-LD.




Valerie Sutton
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