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The SignWriting organization gets many questions privately.
Our answers are usually informative and helpful.
Here is a recent anonymized question and my response.

> Have you considered Signwriting dictionaries, New Testament in app 
> form for Google Play, Apple (iPad, iPhone, MAC) for free?  I have 
> Google Play on my phone & I have a MAC laptop computer.

SignWriting apps are still in infancy.

I am currently working on freely available SignWriting Web Components.
These components will make it easier for other developers to create
mobile apps, desktop applications, and interactive websites.

I'll be posting version 0.6.0 of the sgnw-components later today.
Here's a preview of the technology on the SignWriting Stream.

The SignWriting organization itself will probably not be publishing apps.
We lack the funds and the developer time.

I plan to stay focused on developing the SignWriting Web Components.
As the components fill out and mature, I believe new apps will start to 
Will someone create a free ASL Bible dictionary app? I hope so.

When I have a stable version 1.0 available for the SignWriting Web 
I will create a prototype app as a proof of concept.
I will teach this development stack on the SignWriting Stream.

My previous attempt at creating an app is usable on the ipad and almost 
usable on mobile.
You can view the ASL Bible dictionary with SignMaker 2017.

It is possible to install this on your Mac.
The source is available on GitHub.

The dictionary can be downloaded and installed to your local copy of 
Unfortunately, it does not update files automatically.
Any changes you make are written to the browser's cache.
It will persist between uses unless you have your computer set to clear 
cache on close.
It could be wrapped as an installable app, but is more of a prototype 
and has issues.


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