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October 4, 2020


SW APP 2014
A SignWriting App by Jake Chasan was presented at the SignWriting Symposium 2014, for learning ASL signs using SignWriting. It was a beautiful app, but it is now out-of-date. Thank you to the Jake Chasan and Elena Eroshkin.

SignWriting App: A Useful Educational Tool by Jake Chasan <>

SW APPS 2015-2018
Three SW Apps developed by Emerging Interactions include ASLText, ASLWords and TypingSigns Apps. Thank you, Emerging Interactions, for this web page with so excellent plans for SignWriting apps:

SignWriting in Apps by Emerging Interactions <>

Or write to the developer:

Emerging Interactions
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I hope the Apps can be developed further because they will be used -


The DELEGS App called SignBook from Germany is excellent. It accesses different dictionaries in SignPuddle Online. Thank you to Stefan Woehrmann and all who continue to work on DELEGS at WPS ? Workplace Solutions GmbH <>.

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DELEGS Signbook App <> <>

Thank you to the developer, Jonathan Duncan!

I use the SWSW App to post messages written in SignWriting here on the SW List and also on Facebook and Instagram. Jonathan programmed the SWSW App to access any of the dictionaries already available in Steve’s SignPuddle Online. So for example, if you want to write using the ASL Bible Dictionary - that can be done with the SWSW App. It creates vertical sentences in SignWriting by looking for signs in the dictionary and choosing the variations of signs for your sentence and then sharing the message using an iPhone or an Android phone. You can also use it on your computer or tablet too:

SWSignWriter SWSW App <>
go there to subscribe and use 

I am sure there is a bright future of new Apps under development - thank you for your interest -

Val ;-)



Valerie Sutton
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