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May 24, 2021

Here is how I would write the Thai sign for Good Luck, based on the video:

Thai sign for GOOD LUCK on video

There are two signs really. In the first sign, I chose a different handshape and I placed the fingers directed down towards the palm of the base hand so we can see that the fingers are directed down. I used a Touch Star to show contact with the fingers. I also chose not to write a thumb for the base hand since it is not important to the sign.

And I did not put an UP arrow between the two signs since we read down the page so the next sign assumes the hand had to move up.

There are other ways to see this. If the two signs are always used together, it could be written as one compound sign, and that would look different.

I placed this writing in the Thailand SignPuddle Online so now there are two different entries for GOOD LUCK. Scroll down to see them:

Good luck,18&sTrm=Good+luck&type=any&sTxt=&sSrc=&

Val ;-)



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