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May 29, 2021

Hello SignWriting List Members -
It is my pleasure to introduce and welcome a new member of our SW List, Carolyn Dix, from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, who has been working on a project using Sutton Movement Writing. Attached is an article about the project written in German. Through the magic of Google Translate, I have been able to translate the title and a little of the first paragraph into English:

Carolin Dix
GAT2 meets the International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA): A new system for the
Transcription of multimodality 1
Transcripts are an important tool in interaction analysis research. While however
there are already established conventions for the writing of verbal and vocal interaction resources,
there is no such uniform system for the transcription of visual-physical resources as with
multimodal aspects. In this context, the article introduces a new transcription system
before, the existing conventions, especially for the transcription of verbal and vocal resources, with the
Sign inventory of the International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA) linked. This creates a
standardized, cross-research, but still based on the data, the transcription purpose and the….

Please see the attached pdf, which is an extract, written in German, plus Carolyn’s email messages to me about the project are below. Thank you, Carolyn, for this new gesture transcription work, and for your permission to post about it. The diagrams in the article are very interesting - I look forward to seeing more transcription - this will be very helpful to so many researchers later because video transcription is not easy ;-)



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