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May 16, 2021

Hello SW List and Josenilson -
Thank you for asking for my input. For the sake of our List readers, Torso and Upper Body movements are located in the Lessons in SignWriting Textbook on page 179:

Download Lessons in SignWriting Textbook

Here is a screen capture of page 179:

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So in SignPuddle2, Josenilson, you have accessed these symbols and did an excellent job. I would have written it slightly differently, but I suspect if Adam and others wrote it we all would choose more detail or less detail. This is transcription of mime, gesture and signs and it is difficult and there are many ways to write it.

Let us look at the first figure you presented, which you wrote from the video:

His right hand grabs his head and pulls his head up.

So what is moving in this action? The torso or the neck or the head? You wrote a Torso Up. That is correct but I would have added the right hand actually pulling the head up - by placing an Up Arrow above the right hand to show that it actually pulls the head up in space - because his Torso is only half the movement ;-)

to be continued...

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