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About additional handshapes, I have an episode of the SignWriting Stream which covers this topic.

SignWriting 2020 and additional hand shapes:


PS - Here is the text from the video description:

This episode covers SignWriting 2020 (an international call to action to create, organize, fund, and standardize) and the need for additional hand shapes. Towards that end, a group in Brazil has documented over 30 additional hand shapes that are needed to write Libras. These hand shapes are currently under review by the community. This brings up the problem of how to make these hand shapes available in software. There are several possibilities, but only two are workable for the near term future. The first option is to keep the ISWA 2010 as it current exists and add up to 31 additional hand shapes as an extended set. This option would not be compatible with SignPuddle 2 immediately and would require a bit of work to properly integrate. The second option is to create the ISWA 2020 as a drop in replacement for the ISWA 2010. We would need to identify a dozen hand shapes that are not currently used and replace them with the most needed hand shapes from Brazil. This would be a much easier solution that would work in SignPuddle 2 and other software without much effort. If you are interested in the additional hand shapes project, please join the discussion on YouTube, Gitter, Facebook, and the SignWriting List. If you would like to see the additional hand shapes project succeed, please consider joining the Patrons of SignWriting to financially support future developments and ongoing support. Websites in this episode: SS-01-004 * * * * * * * * * * ________________________________________________


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