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March 11, 2022

Hello SignWriting List, and AnnaGrace -

Thank you for the question and the writing ;-)

I hope others will answer, better than I can do… It is very nice that you ask questions like this…it gets us thinking ;-)

At first I thought your right fist was moving up and touching under your chin, but then I guessed you were writing KISS FIST, because I saw the kiss mouth position.

I just looked up KISS FIST in the ASL SignPuddle and found these signs, written by three different writers… thank you everyone. Please see attached screen capture.

So ...

If you meant to write KISS-FIST, then the up-arrow is accurate but it is not necessary to write it. The reader will read the “Position of Contact” (the kiss) and then follow the movement forward.

In this case, I was using knowledge of the sign to guide my reading. But if you meant “contacting under the chin” then I guessed wrong. Are there signs in ASL where the fist touches under the chin?

Val ;-)


> On Mar 11, 2022, at 1:42 PM, Ms. AnnaGrace <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Check my spelling -- what does this look like in sign? It's quite an exercise on the use of arrows, huh?
> I look forward to your comments!
> Thanks,
> AnnaGrace



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