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March 22, 2022

Hi SW List members -
It took me time to find the scanned document, but I did find it and it is now posted. This is a very old book, based on our old writing system. It was a workbook for students learning SW Shorthand, so you will find blank pages in the middle of the document for students to practice writing.

From an historic perspective, it is interesting to see how we were writing in 1982, but from a practical perspective, how we write today, in 2022, is what matters...

In 1982, we were writing Receptively, and horizontally, with symbols that were not as detailed. By 1984, there was a major change in the system, which reflects how we write today…

So here is 1982’s shorthand….

"SignWriting Shorthand For Sign Language Stenography", 1982, is now posted as a PDF in our SignWriting Document Archives:



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